Your favorite top NetFlix Horror movie List

Netflix is one of the most using movie application using millions of users around the world. Most users are interesting with horror movies in the Netflix. What are the best top movies (horror) in the Netflix ? Perhaps you may not agree with this list. However decided these lists for you.

The Platform

The movie premiered in 2019 and was helmed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. This Spanishopian horror-thr unfolds in a vertical penitentiary where sustenance is distributed via a moving platform that traverses the different levels, laying bare the harsh realities of human behavior. The story unfolds within a towering detention facility known as the Vertical Self-Management Center, where two prisoners are accommodated on each level. Every day, a platform loaded with food descends from the uppermost floors to the lower ones, granting those at the top a lavish meal while those at the bottom are left with scraps or nothing at all. The narrative tracks Goreng (played by Iván Massagué), who willingly enters the prison for six months in the hopes of securing a diploma that promises a brighter future. As he grapples with the cutthroat social order and fights for survival, he becomes increasingly attuned to the injustices and glaring contrast between the privileged and the underprivileged.

The Conjuring

The movie came out in 2013 and was directed by James Wan. It centers on paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine. The story revolves around the Perron family, who move into a in Rhode Island during the 1970s. Shortly after moving in, they start encountering strange and terrifying supernatural events. With the situation worsening, the family turns to Ed and Lorraine Warren, renowned for their expertise in dealing with paranormal incidents. The Warrens uncover sinister and malevolent forces operating within the house, leading them to confront these entities in order to protect the Perron family from harm.

The Babadook 

The movie came out in 2014 and was directed by Jennifer Kent. It is a psychological horror film that follows the story of a widow and her troubled son. They start experiencing strange occurrences after being haunted by a sinister presence from a children’s book. Amelia, played by Essie Davis, a widow trying to her troublesome son, Samuel (Noah Wiseman), after her husband’s tragic death in a car accident on’s birth day. Samuel becomes increasingly unpredictable as he obsesses over a creepy pop-up book called “Mister Babadook which brings a threatening entity into their lives. As Amelia faces horrifying events and unsettling visions, she questions whether the Babadook is a genuine supernatural being or a product of her own grief and unresolved trauma.

Bird Box

The movie came out in 2018 and was directed by Susanne Bier. It features Sandra Bullock in a postocalyptic thriller, portraying a mother struggling to protect her children in a world where mysterious beings drive people to commit suicide. Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, embarks on a dangerous journey with two young children, navigating a perilous river while blindfolded in search of safety. Along the way, they face threats from both the supernatural entities and other survivors vying for scarce resources in this devastated world.


The movie came out in 2016 and was directed by Mike Flanagan In this thriller-horror film, we follow a deaf writer who has to defend herself against a masked killer in her isolated home. The story revolves around Maddie Young (played by Kate Siegel), a deaf and mute writer who resides on her own in a remote house in the forest. One evening, a masked intruder (portrayed by John Gallagher Jr.) appears at her window. Upon realizing her deafness, he decides to play mind games with her by silently stalking her through the house. As Maddie fights for survival, she must use her intelligence and ingenuity to outwit her attacker and make it through the night.


The movie came out in 2018 and was directed by Ari Aster. It is well-known for its eerie atmosphere and delves into the hidden truths surfacing within a family following the passing of their mysterious grandmother. Focusing on the Graham family, the story revolves around Annie (portrayed by Toni Collette), her spouse Steve (played by Gabriel Byrne), and their kids, Peter (acted by Alex Wolff) and Charlie (portrayed by Milly Shapiro). After Annie’s secretive and domineering mother passes away, strange and unsettling events start to haunt the family. While they uncover buried family secrets and investigate their lineage, they realize they are bound by a sinister and gloomy destiny that puts all of them at risk of destruction.

Gerald’s Game

The movie came out in 2017 and is based on a novel by Stephen King. Directed by Mike Flanagan, this psychological horror movie tells the story of a woman facing troubled past and fighting for survival after her husband’s unexpected death during a sexual encounter. The plot revolves around Jessie Burlingame, portrayed by Carla Gugino, and her husband Gerald, played by Bruce Greenwood, who go to a secluded lake house to revitalize their strained relationship. However, Gerald’s sexual game takes a dark turn when he passes away from a heart attack, leaving Jessie handcuffed to the bed with no immediate help in sight. Trapped in a nightmare of torment, hallucinations, and haunting memories, Jessie must find a way to endure while battling her inner demons and a sinister presence within the house.

A Quiet Place

In 2018, the movie directed by John Krasinski tells the story of a family struggling to stay in a world post-apocalypse filled with blind monsters that have sharp hearing. The Abbott family, consisting of Lee (played by John Krasinski), Evelyn (played by Emily Blunt), their deaf daughter Regan (played by Millicent Simmonds), and son Marcus (played by Noah Jupe), must navigate this dangerous world overrun by sightless, noise-sensitive creatures. They must remain silent to evade these creatures that rely on sound to seek out their prey. Through sign language and elaborate precautions, the family communicates and strives to survive. However, when Evelyn learns she is pregnant, they are faced with the difficult task of safeguarding the newborn in a life-threatening environment where even the slightest noise could spell doom.

Train to Busan

In 2016, a movie directed by Yeon Sang-ho hit the screens, blending horror and action into a thrilling South Korean film. The story revolves around passengers trapped on a train battling to stay alive when faced with a deadly zombie outbreak. The focus is on Seok-woo, a dedicated fund manager, and his daughter Su-an. They embark on a journey from Seoul to Busan to grant Su-an’s wish of seeing her mother. However, chaos ensues as the train becomes a battleground when the zombie infection quickly spreads throughout South Korea. Seok-woo finds himself at the forefront, safeguarding his daughter and other survivors in a treacherous journey through train carriages fraught with danger. They not only confront flesh-eating zombies but also grapple with ethical dilemmas posed by desperate individuals fighting for survival.

The Ritual

The movie was released in 2017 and by David Bruckner. tells the story of a group of friends who come across a supernatural entity while hiking in the forests of Sweden. The group consists of four friends – Luke (Rafe Spall), Phil (Arsher Ali), Hutch (Robert James-Collier), and Dom (Sam Troughton) who come together for a hiking expedition in the wilderness of Scandinavia to pay tribute to their friend who was killed in a robbery. However, as they delve deeper into the woods, they lose their way and find themselves being pursued by a sinister presence. Eventually, they stumble upon an ancient and eerie ceremonial site where they are forced to face their deepest fears and the mystical powers that haunt the forest.

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