MovieBox Pro download with Cydia

You can download MovieBox Pro application with Cydia for your device. Cydia is a completely free application which can install with jailbreak apps. Jailbreak is called “Freedom of Apple devices”. Jaibreak will remove Apple restrictions in your device. This will open to install third party applications for your device. Cydia is a main application installed after jailbreaking your device. This is like a simple App Store, Which included hundreds of valuable applications.

Why Cydia important for You ? Cydia allows users to install apps which are not available in the Apple App store. Therefore Cydia store included such important apps which can use to customize your device. MovieBox Pro is such amazing top rated application in the Cydia store.

moviebox pro download

Why Cydia MovieBox Pro installation important

  • Install app without revoking
  • Apple ID not Required
  • Root access ready for the device

How to install MovieBox Pro with Cydia

  • Your device must already have Cydia application (You need to jailbreak device to install Cydia).
  • Follow this path Sources > Edit > Add
  • Then enter this URL ”” & tap Add to get application
  • Then tap Install > Wait MovieBox Pro will take few seconds to install for your device
  • Now you can see MovieBox/MovieBox Pro icon is ready with device home screen.
  • Please tap it > Then enter your Gmail account > Then enter invitation code (This code is only for new users)
  • Now you can see application is loading properly with your device.

MovieBox Cydia download – FAQ

Is it Free to install MovieBox using Cydia ? Yes, This application is completely free for users.

Can download MovieBox/MovieBox Pro with Cydia ? Yes, This application is ready to download with Cydia for your device.

Can download MovieBox without jailbreak ? Yes, All users can download MovieBox application without Cydia. Actually you can install this application without risk & also jailbreaking. We have given online installation methods & pc based download methods for users.

MovieBox Cydia unable to install.. Why ? Perhaps Cydia store will stuck with the users application usage. So please restart your device & install again with our direct download links.

MovieBox Pro Download with AltStore for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

You can download MovieBox Pro application with AltStore for your device. This is one of the best way to get MovieBox Pro application for your device. You can use AltStore application to install any application using IPA file. This valuable application is support most of the IPA files. Therefore most Ios users are using AltStore application with their devices.

MovieBox Pro – AltStore Requirements

  • MovieBox Pro IPA file need to download for your Apple iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch
  • AltServer need to install for your Windows/MAC running personal computer
  • AltStore application need to install for your Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • User need to connect iDevice to Computer
  • You need Apple ID to install application

AltServer Requirement to install for Your device

All users are need to install AltServer application for your device. Actually AltStore application is unable to download for your device without AltServer. You need following requirement to install AltServer application

  • Apple iTunes need to install for your PC
  • Apple iCloud need to install for your PC

Download AltServer for your Device

Download IPA file – MovieBox Pro Download

Download AltServer for Windows – Click Here

Download AltServer for MAC – Click Here

If any error with download link, Follow

How to install MovieBox Pro application with AltServer

  • First connect your device to Personal computer
  • Then run AltStore application in your device home screen
  • Then tap My Apps tab in the bottom
  • Then tap plus sign > Then select MovieBox Pro IPA file > Then enter Apple ID to continue installation
  • Please wait… MovieBox Pro will installing to your Device. After few seconds you can see MovieBox Pro application is ready with device home screen
  • Tap MovieBox Pro icon – > Enter your Gmail account & login for MovieBox Pro account. If this is your first installation, All users required invitation code to activate account.
  • Now MovieBox Pro app will work fine with Your Apple device

MovieBox Pro – AltStore installation Advantage/disadvantage


  • You can install without revoking/jailbreaking


  • Need to refresh apps after seven days to activate
  • Need PC/Data cable

MovieBox Pro download with KFPanda Plyer for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

KFPanda Player is famous application in the App store which can use to Play third party movies & videos. MovieBox Pro app can download with App store KFPanda Player application for your Apple device. This is simple & most useful method to install MovieBox Pro application for your device. KFPanda MovieBox Pro installation is similar to the App store MovieBox Pro application.

KFPanda Player MovieBox Pro features

  • Application ready to download with App Store
  • User can install without Apple ID & Password
  • No Revoke, No Jailbreak
  • App ready without verification
  • MovieBox Pro app ready to run under KFPanda Player

Download MovieBox Pro for Your Device

moviebox pro download

How to install MovieBox Pro with KFPanda Player

  • First all users required to install KFPanda Player application with App store for your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch
  • Then follow with your brower. Tap above button to install
  • Tap Download button > Select MovieBox Pro Ios
  • Then open KFPanda Player application > Tap bottom middle stop sign > Tap Upper + sign
  • Then Enter name as “MovieBox Pro” & URL as “” > Then tap Add Button
  • Now MovieBox Pro will added to your device (You can see MovieBox Pro is ready with added list)
  • Tap MovieBox Pro > Enter your Gmail account (username & password)
  • Now MovieBox Pro will ask to enter invitation code. This will ask with new users. If you have invitation code, Please enter with your account create mode. Other users follow our invitation code guide to get code for your device.
  • Then MovieBox Pro account will create related to your Gmail account. You can see many features are ready with you. MovieBox Pro premium features are ready with VIP version. If you are satisfied with free features, You have an opportunity to update for premium version less than 4 $ per month.

MovieBox Pro step by step KFPanda Player Guide

You can follow this Youtube video related to KFPanda Player to install MovieBox Pro application. This will be useful to all users before install app using this method. Good Luck.. Any error comment to us…

New !! MovieBox Pro download & install for Any iPhone/iPad with Daily family Meetings Record

MovieBox Pro is your favorite movie streaming application which can install with new Daily family Meetings Record application. This is App store recommended application which can use to add your personal records. Can MovieBox download with Daily family Meetings Record ? Yes, This application can use to add MovieBox Pro for your device, You can synchronize Daily family Meetings Record to MovieBox Pro application with Google Drive. This method is only support for Ios users(iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).

Requirement to install MovieBox Pro with Daily family Meetings Record

  • Support for iOS 7+ running devices, So better to update your device for latest iOS version
  • First install Daily family Meetings Record application with App Store
  • Gmail account to create your MovieBox Pro account
  • New users need MovieBox Pro invitation code.
  • If you are new MovieBox Pro user ? Follow our guide to get invitation code to activate account.

How to install MovieBox Pro for your device with Daily family Meetings Record

  • First open app store & search “Daily family Meetings Record” > Tap Get to install application – Click Here ios Users
  • Second Open follow our direct download link – Click Here MovieBox Pro
  • Then tap download link > Tap MovieBox Pro download Apple logo
  • Then open Daily family Meetings Record > Tap Upper + > Then tap lower + sign > Tap Google Drive
  • Enter your Gmail account login to access MovieBox Pro profile..
  • You can see MovieBox Pro is functioning properly without verifying..

NoteNew users need to enter invitation code last stage. We have clearly mentioned invitation code generation method of all users. Follow it to get code before install MovieBox Pro application.

Youtube Tutorial Guide to install MovieBox Pro application

Follow YouTube Guide – Click Here


This is non revoke, non jailbreak method for all Apple users. Therefore this is risk free for all users, We can recommend this user friendly method for all iOS users to download new MovieBox Pro application. Enjoy…


MovieBox Pro Download with SReader App for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch – No Revoke

MovieBox Pro application is ready to install for your device with different methods. SReader EPUB & TXT is one of the best application in App Store which can use to install this application for your device. Why SReader important ? This application will provide non revoke feature for users. So Apple users can keep MovieBox Pro application with their devices without revoking using this method. We can recommend this method for all MovieBox Pro application lovers, Please follow these methods & touch with this app.

moviebox pro sreader


How to install MovieBox Pro with SReader for your Device

You have two methods to install MovieBox Pro application with SReader for your device.

Method 1

  • First Open App store & Search as “SReadr EPUB & TXT ” – > Tap Get & install to your Device
  • Then follow link & install MovieBox Pro with official direct download – Click Here
  • Then You can see SReader direct download installation link in the MoviBox Pro – > Tap it
  • Now Login with your Gmail account – > Then MovieBox Pro will ask to enter invitation code to activate account (You are unable to activate account without invitation code)
  • Finally you can touch with MovieBox Pro application
  • Tap your favorite movies & download/watch unlimited movies online/offline

Method 2

  • After installation completed – > Follow our direct download link to install MovieBox for your device
  • Then user unable to see MovieBox app in your device home screen. This moment tap SReader in your device home screen
  • Then open SReader -> Tap + icon in the upper left hand corner
  • Tap Google Drive > Tap Continue > Enter your Gmail address with invite code
  • Now you can see MovieBox Pro is working fine with your device

All users are unable to find SReader & MovieBox Pro separated icons in the device home screen. SReader is now your new MovieBox Pro icon in the device home screen. You can tap it to open MovieBox Pro application.


MovieBox/MovieBox Pro invitation code for Android, iOS users

How to get MoiveBox/MovieBox Pro invitation code ? Many users are interesting with this application. MovieBox application is one of the best app which included hundreds of movies/tv shows & much more. MovieBox invitation code can use with several devices, So one invitation code can use to activate at least five devices. You can generate one code per month from one device. Therefore MovieBox development team provided flexible installation method for all of you.

MovieBox invitation code public sharing method(internet) is not recommend by developers. So please share private with other methods. Because public sharing will cause to inactivate your account.

If you are new user, Download MovieBox/Pro application from following direct links.. Please follow guide lines compatible with your device model.

How to get MovieBox invitation code ?

You can follow this method to get code from your device. This method is only for users who already have  MovieBox/MovieBox Pro application. You can share this code with your friends who are interesting with this application. This code can generate every month from one device. So you can share this code for your friends & family. We like to mention code generate method as follows…

  • Open your MovieBox/MovieBox Pro application
  • Tap Hexagon icon in the right upper corner
  • Tap Invitation code – > Tap Create -> Now you can see invitation code is ready for you (New version you can see invitation code under Settings).
  • Share with your friends & family (You can use application share link)


How to get invitation code from MovieBox/MovieBox Pro team ?

MovieBox development team is only responding limited emails per month for users. Therefore most users unable to get invitation code to activate their account. You can follow this method to get code from team

  • Please login to your gmail account (If you do not have gmail account, Please create new one to activate your account).
  • Then send message to the moviebox team regarding invitation code for your device. Email address

I never received invitation code !! What can I do ?

Please send couple of messages to support team. However development team ready to give stable solution for all users.

If your friend have MovieBox Pro application, Ask him to get code for your device.

If unable to activate, Please comment here to activate your account with email address.

Zinitevi app latest version download for any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Android 2020

Zinitevi is best MovieBox alternative application for Apple users. This application can use without jailbreaking your Apple device. This is really advantage for all Apple & Android users. So This application is getting famous within smart phone users. Actually MovieBox application is ready to install only using your email address. Also most users got trouble with the authentication matter with email verification. Therefore ZiniTevi will give complete solution for all movie lovers. This application can download for your ios running device without jailbreaking. Android users can install application without rooting their devices.


Zinitevi features

  • Free Movie streaming application for iOS & Android
  • Thousands of free movies, tv shows included
  • Speed download with fast servers / watch without any delay
  • Movies are ready to download with quality formats
  • Compatible with wide range of iOS & Android devices
  • Application is ready to install without jailbreaking/rooting
  • You can access without email verification


Zinitevi Download for your device

Zinitevi app can download for your device using following direct download link. We have given download link for Android & iOS users. Please follow our guides to install for your device. Enjoy Zinitevi features with this loving application.

Download App – ZiniTevi

How to install Zinitevi app for your Android & iOS device

Android users

  • You can download ZiniTevi apk file to install application – Click above link to download apk file
  • Then “Allow unknown sources”  to add application for your device
  • Wait… You can see application is installing to your device
  • Open application & enjoy features with your Android running device

iOS users

  • Download application with Safari browser for your device
  • Tap “Allow” to add application for your device. Wait & observe download process
  • You can see application is ready with your device home screen after few seconds of time
  • Now you need to verify application. Follow this path to verify ZiniTevi application Settings  > General > Profile & Device Management > Tap certificate > Tap verify > Tap Ok
  • Now you can see ZiniTevi is working fine with your device

Zinitevi FAQ

Can ZiniTevi download with App store ?

Users are unable to install application with play store or app store. You can install application via third party tools.

Application unable to open, Why ?

Please root boot your device & try it again. If unable to open, remove previous installation file & install again for your device.

Is ZiniTevi free ?

Yes, This application is completely free for all users. If you like, You can donate for ZiniTevi team

How to Update ZiniTevi application ?

This application update will give automatically for all users. You will be notify when update released for users.


Zinitevi Conclusion

We think ZiniTevi is kind of popular application within users compare with MovieBox application. This application is giving much more features for users who are interesting with movies/tv shows. This will be next moviebox application recently. Download it now & enjoy with your leisure time.

If any matter regarding ZiniTevi download or installation, Please comment to us. We are ready to give feedback for all users as soon as possible. Good Luck…

MovieBox Pro VIP version download for Android & iOS

Movie Box is the best way to watch/download movies and TV shows on mobile. New MovieBox PRO app comes with regular free version and VIP premium version. MovieBox Pro VIP is getting much more popular because it offers many more features than the regular version for Android and iOS users. Are you interesting in MovieBox Pro VIP? You can follow our direct download link to install MovieBox Pro premium version to your device.

MovieBox Pro application VIP version is unable to install directly to your device. First, you have to install regular version for your device, then you can upgrade this regular version to the premium version to get additional features.

Download MovieBox Pro (Regular Version)

MovieBox Pro VIP features

  • No advertisements within the application
  • HD / FHD videos for users
  • Dedicated high-speed servers
  • Flexible TV version with regular support
  • Priority for VIP customers with online/offline support
  • ORG source

How to install MovieBox Pro VIP version for your device

  • First, install regular free version of MovieBox Pro app from the above official direct download link
  • Then open the app on your home screen and tap Hexagon icon in the upper right corner
  • Then tap “VIP” tab in the upper menu and tap “Plans & Pricing”
  • Now you can see three flexible pricing options (1 Month $3.99, 6 Months $2.99 per month, 12 Months $1.99 per month). Select one option you like and tap on “PAY” (PayPal is the only payment option currently, therefore you need to have a PayPal account to proceed payment for MovieBox Pro VIP)
  • Then your current version will be upgraded to the  MovieBox Pro VIP version within a few seconds.
  • Now you can enjoy the premium features of the MovieBox Pro such as No Ads, FHD videos, High Priority, TV version with VIP version.

Unable to upgrade to MovieBox Pro VIP

  • Reboot your device & try to upgrade to VIP version again
  • You can uninstall application – > Then follow our direct download link to install – > Upgrade to VIP version

MovieBox Pro VIP members need to renew their membership after one year of time. MovieBox Pro dedicated support team will help you any moment for VIP members. Please message to if any question.

MovieBox Pro APK for any Android smartphone

Android is the most widely using mobile platform in the world. Most Android smart phone users are interesting to install MovieBox Pro application for their devices. Is MovieBox Pro compatible with your device ? Yes, This application was successfully tested with variety of Android devices & versions. Therefore MovieBox Pro APK file will be ready to install for your device without any error. This is best alternative application for MovieBox, This pro version included such more features compare with old application. You can install latest version for your device with following direct download link.

MovieBox Pro APK features

This application can install as third party application for your device. So this is not available with play store, However you can see MovieBox Pro related application in the Play store. These applications are unable to give real MovieBox Pro features for your device.

  • Flexible & easy installation method for users
  • Free/VIP versions already developed with user requirement
  • Large movie store with any categories
  • Support most of the Android versions
  • Automatically free update for users
  • Application run without any third party ads
  • VIP version ready with premium features with low cost
  • Easy install & uninstall method for Android users
  • Speed download link compatible with device model

How to install MovieBox Pro APK file Android device

Follow our direct download link to install application for your device. You can install latest version using above link & also we have given all necessary information/instructions which can use to install this application for all Android running smart phone.

Click Here for further information

Can Download MovieBox Pro for TV

This application can successfully install for your AndroidTV model. This installation process can do with third party application. MovieBox Pro androidTV version can run without your Android running smartphone. You can follow our AndroidTV guide for further information.

Download MovieBox PRO Latest Version Update for iOS & Android

As you may also know, MovieBox PRO is the leading application to watch / download movies on mobile. It provides super fast video play-back and download speed with regularly updating latest movies / TV shows.

Not only the content, the app also regularly update by the developers with bug fixes, improvements, enhances performance and add new features. If you already installed MovieBox PRO app on your Android / iOS running device or not, we strongly recommend to stay with the official latest version update for better user experience.

MovieBox PRO screenshots on iOS

MovieBox PRO official latest version download

For iOS

  • Version : 5.0
  • Size : 39 MB
  • Support : iOS 10+ (iPhone / iPad / iPod)
  • Update : 09-09-2019


What’s new ?

  • Movies and TV shows on homepage add leaderboards
  • Fix bug that some users can not download
  • Fix bug where video ads on the iphone x series would be stuck
  • Fix bug that the movie cannot continue to play after the video ads is played

For Android

  • Version : 5.1
  • Size : 19.9 MB
  • Support : Android 4.1+
  • Update : 09-09-2019


What’s new ?

  • Add vip plan page
  • Add low quality souce reminder
  • Add the coming soon state of the video
  • Fixed subtitles moving up when the next episode button appears