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This is only tutorial & educational base website. website can use only for your knowledge purpose. We are not promoting/distributing/hosting/downloading “moviebox” or “moviebox pro” related pirated or illegal apps. Our website is not hosted any application. If you found any illegal product from this website, Please contact us with related URL, You can email to [email protected].

We are not owned any application/product. We have used application logos to give better guides for users. We do not have any application logo or trade mark. All logos and trade marks are owned by respective companies. This website does not distributing any pirated apps for users. So do not fear to browse website because of the malware issue. All users follow recommended Virus Guard to protect from malware.

We are discussing Play store & App store based applications. Therefore users do not beware with malware issue. You can see many applications are ready with these stores name called “moviebox” or “moviebox pro”, These applications are not our products. All applications development credits are going for developers. Thanks for their great development.

Purpose, consent and Period

We have developed this website to give better result for users. We have seen most users are suffering with application errors. Our website is giving A-Z Guides for users. Therefore this knowledge purpose website is using hundreds of users around the world. We are highly consent with Application error and troubleshooting. Our users feedback is our development, If you found any error with our guided tutorials, Please comment to us. Our application specialists are concern with your matter & reply within few hours.

How we collect your information & why ?

We are using Google webmaster tools/Google Analytics to monitor our website users. We need to give better result for hundred of our loving users. Google Analytics reports shows users flow clearly & we are updating our website much more user friendly. We need to thanks for Google Analytic/webmaster team for their feedback to correct mistakes in our website & increase our audience.

What Types of Data collected ?

We are not collecting any personal private information from users. We are not selling any product. Therefore this website is not collecting your personal information. We are collecting following information to build our website much more user friendly.

  • Email address
  • User name
  • Website

If you have any comment with our articles, Please submit your comment with above information. This will help to solve your matter clearly.

Please do not spam website with un-wanted comments. We are receiving unnecessary hundred of comments daily. This will waste our valuable time.

External Links

We have given external links from this website for user satisfaction. We are unable to get any responsibility regarding these links. We are not promoting any application. You need to follow external links with your own risk. Please follow their privacy policies before use external website. Because we are unable to control other websites policies.

Third party Advertisement

This website is not using any unnecessary advertisement programs. However if you are willing to advertise with website, Please message to us. We are giving main priority for our audience (user). However we are willing to use Google Adsense from our backend advertisement program.

Cookies Data

We are not using Cookies to Traking data.

How we are protecting your information ?

We are not collect your information for commercial purpose. We are not joined with third party website to sell your information. This website is not share your email address/user names/website with third parties.

If you have any question related our website, Please contact us with our email address.

Use of information

We are using your data for following purpose.

  • Notify for our users with application updates
  • Notify users with applications features
  • Analytics information hel to improve users experience
  • Defect prevent

Our Privacy Policy Update

We are updating our privacy policy time to time. We are mainly concern with user feedback. We will notify for users with any privacy policy update. If you are user, Please follow our privacy policy properly.

Last Updated : 17/10/2020

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